Like these pages and stalk them when it has anything about markets fill it out.

Comic Cons:

Empire Con:
email them and show your instagram, this one is free and it is October 22nd
Their Email:
Here is there pages:

Savannah Mega Comic Con: 
This one is $150 for a table and this one is July 30th – 31st (fill out the form on the website you have to be approved to get in I think don’t remember and if they even have tables)
Fb Page:

Savannah (Real) Comic Con:
This one is September 24th -25th table is $129 (not sure if there tables are still available but they have the app to fill out, you have to be approved to get in)
The app to fill out:

Savannah Animazing Con:
This one is February 10th-12th 2023 early bird special is $100 for a table but not sure how long that will be up and after the early bird it will be $150
This is where you will find the vendor app: In the menu go to Exhibitor/then Vendor App
You need to fill out the vendor app press send then on the right hand side press the button Click here and choose Artist Booth either early special deal one if that is gone the normal one 

Other Markets:

Frond & Fern:
Supposedly the next event is May 1st
Go to Vendors Page and fill out and she will email you if you are in. Then You can ask her if you can pay in cash or something I guess (I can’t do it, I need to keep my business stuff with me and that will throw me off plus not very professional sorry sweetie)

Makers Market:
Their next event as well is May 1st
App to fill out is in the bio

Made by Makers:
Next Event is May 7th
Deadline is April 23rd
App is in Bio

Aura Music Festival:
Their asking for gothic, punk stuff and they asked if I would join them so if my stuff can get in I am sure yours can as well
Booth is $85 from 12:30 pm to 11 pm and in Savannah Artist Vendor Page he says spots are open to email him
Here is what he said word for word:
Vendor spots are open for AURA Fest 2022! It’s on June 11th at Ships of the Sea Museum. 11 metal and hardcore bands all day plus. We already have food vendors. It would be best if vendors have art, apparel, or other products that relate or appeal to metal, punk, goth, or rock music fans. DM or email for more info!

Which reminds me join this group
Savannah Artist Vendors

Sulfur Studios:
Next one is June 1st
click on the link tree and look for Street Fair Application fill it out

SouthEast Punk Flea Market:
You need to send them an email to join and ask to join their mailing list as well either in the same email or different one. 
You can even go to the page called vendors on their website and read what they ask of you what to do.

Unity in the Community:
On the river in downtown Savannah
I won’t join this one until I see how it is being ran by the new people so June or July but this one is pricey 

If there is more I will post it here but like I said look at these every day and follow so you can fill out the apps to join.